Our Mission

The Global Trading Council's objective is to provide government, industry bodies, businesses, entrepreneurs and investors with independent, knowledgeable, efficient, and effective support. We act to progress towards their common interests in ways including:

Assist local business councils, bodies, businesses (of all sizes) and industry associations in increasing their capacity and providing perks to their members.


To take the lead in establishing connections between individuals, local businesses, and enterprises worldwide and to make it easy for people to access business initiatives for the benefit of society.

Provide a system that helps in understanding, and navigating the technicalities and legalities of the trade. 

Offer channels for regional, governmental, and worldwide networking, introductions, partnerships, and mentoring.

Encourage the exchange of knowledge and skills that will benefit newly founded enterprises and/or individuals looking to launch a business. 



Expand Your Business without Risking Your Profitability

Global Trading Council serves more than 230 global businesses and assists them in trading with other organizations on a mass scale with our game-changing solutions. You can become one of our members and participate in your desired commercial activities with trade, legal and technical support from professionals in every aspect of trading + investment.

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Mark Your Presence in the International Community

Global Trading Council (GTC) is designed and functions to help businesses not only acquire international recognition in the business community, but also facilitate business development. We offer an exclusive membership that opens doors to endless possibilities + services tailored to meet the demands of a growing business.

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