Business Support & Guides

The Global Trade council provides a wide range of support and services to companies and start-ups. Entrepreneurs and investors globally. 

Whether you are starting a new business or running an established one, you’ll require assistance and guidance at some point. Our council’s houses a team of specialists spanning across 176 countries who can find a viable solution to whatever problem you might face.

Some Services We Offer 

  • Access to government programs and events

These programs offer businesses opportunities to learn about government policies, meet government representatives, and get involved in projects.

  • Assistance and advice on EU programs and legislation.

Trade Council provides a wide array of programs to assist individuals and businesses such as those requiring financial assistance or help with international legal issues.

  • Best practice guidance for purchasing and supplier monitoring

Our expert guides ensure that you are getting the best deal possible while helping you make informed decisions about which supplier to choose for your next project.

  • Business planning and development

By utilizing the right tools and strategies, the trade council helps make your business’s development process more efficient and successful.

  • Contacts, leads and market introductions

We provide you with tried and tested tips and tricks to help you develop a strong relationship with contacts and leads. 

Ready to start your international trade journey?

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