Quality in Business Certification

A third-party evaluation program that audits the performance of the business and issues certificates for being devoted to excellence and adhering to global business practices.

Why Get Certified?

Get rewarded with all the unique benefits that Quality in Business Certification has to offer and make the most out of your global presence by partnering with other certified dealers.

What You Get

After a thorough evaluation by the professional auditors, get an assessment and scorecard with recommendations for improvement including an editable directory and app listing.


Ready to utilize the Quality in Business Certificate to boost your profits? The Global Trading Council will carry out a complete assessment and get a certificate issued to get your business global.

Improves Brand Visibility

With a Quality in Business Certificate, you can exponentially increase your brand visibility and show the target audience that your business is reliable and certified to deal with.

Improves Efficiency

Organizational efficiency will be increased as the necessary recommendations will be provided by the experienced auditors to streamline the day-to-day operational tasks.

Attract Professionals

Once your business gains the recognition it deserves, industry-relevant experts will approach you for employment based on how organized and reliable your company is.

More Business

Quality in Business Certification showcases the professionalism of the company and how reliable they are. Being certified will provide you with tons of business opportunities.

Marketing Tool

Just like other businesses, you can market your Quality in Business Certification on your website, packaging, and social media to spread awareness about your global presence and quality.

Reduce Costs

By following the recommendations of auditors, you can decrease operational costs and increase your profit margin by adopting a more professional way of working.

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