Business Incubation

With Global Trading Council’s business incubation solution, startups can provide their services and products in the US market coupled with professional mentorship to keep thriving.

Free Benefits

Global Trading Council provides a great array of benefits to the participants of the Incubator program to help them ace their presence in the US market without risking the opportunity.

Register a U.S. Company

To help you grow professionally with the incubator program, Global Trading Council will help you go global with a US-domiciled LLC or INC and a business bank account as well.

Investor Contacts

The Global Trading Council will provide a huge list of investors with brief details to help startups connect with them and arrange the required resources for their businesses.

Quick Assistance

Our experienced team is available round the clock to provide valuable suggestions based on experience to help you establish a huge revenue-generating business.

Remarkable Mentorship

You will get to work with some of the brightest entrepreneurs from the all-around who will help you ace the entrepreneurial journey. 

Marketing Services

Global Trading Council will provide huge discounts on several marketing platforms like SendPulse, Hubspot, and more for quick growth.


Global Trading Council will connect you with potential investors and provide business pitches to help you arrange resources for your startup.

Business Development

Whether it’s bank account opening, cloud services, or SM services, get complete support from the Global Trading Council in establishing a business in the US.

Affordable Legal Services

You can avail huge discounts at some of the most famous legal service providers in the US like LOT Network, Vouch, and Secureframe.

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