You can now notarize your US legal contracts and other papers at home or work. The online notary service from the Global Trade Council is the ideal choice if your company requires documents notarized for internal use or for clients. We help you legally notarize international contracts, bills of sale, tax forms, applications, POA, and much more – without visiting a notary’s office.  Simply send the files to the Council via Email or post, and our certified notaries will notarize them and send them back to you. (Post or courier service costs will be charged separately).

  • Does not require US Citizenship or a Social Security number.
  • Valid in all 50 States in the USA

Notarize Single Page Document – $50 per signature

Additional Pages (or signatures) – $25 per signature


  • 2 x Valid Forms of Government-Issued Identification (Passport Preferred)
  • 1 x Proof of Residential Address (i.e. Recent phone bill or electricity bill or bank statement or internet bill or tax bill)
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